Copy Content

How to copy materials within or between courses on Blackboard.

When it comes to your new Blackboard course each year, you can easily copy content that you wish to reuse.

When copying materials, you are advised to copy content items only. In particular, do not copy Grade Centre columns or include enrolments in the copy.

Copy course materials from one Blackboard course to another

Blackboard allows you to copy any or all of the content from one course to another. In this way, you can copy courses and conveniently reuse and adapt existing course structures, materials, and content.


1. Access the course from which you want to copy.

 2. On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and select Course Copy.

3. Select the appropriate option: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course

4. In the Destination Course ID box, type a course ID for the new course that you wish for your content to be copied into. Make sure that the new course ID is correct. You can Browse to select it if you are unsure.

5. Select the course materials that you want to copy over.

We recommend that you copy Content Areas only. Please do not copy Grade Centre Columns and Settings, since this will interfere with Online Results Entry.

Blogs, Journals, Wikis, etc. These types of tools and assignments can easily be set up each year, and are best done so, from anew.

Kaltura content should not be copied, and instead should be republished in the new course.

6. In the File Attachments section, select the option to copy links to:

  • Copy links and copies of the content: Select this option. This will bring across all active course files.


7. IMPORTANT: Do not select Enrolments to copy the list of users in the course. This would enrol students from the old course, into the new course, for a module they are not registered for. Be sure to leave this setting unchecked.

8. Select Submit. You will receive an email to confirm when the copy process has been completed.

9. You may need to reorganise your copied materials in the course to which they have been copied.


Rename, copy, and move files and folders

You can also copy an individual folder in a Blackboard course to another. You might chose to do this where you only want to copy a single item or folder.

Be sure Edit Mode is ON so that you can access all of the instructor's functions.

1. Locate the file or folder you wish to copy.

2. In the drop down menu, select Copy or Move.

3. On the Copy or Move page, select the Destination course. This might be the current course, or another on the system where you are an instructor.

4. Select Browse to find a destination folder for the file or folder. In the Browse Course window, navigate to the appropriate folder and select it. Select Submit.

5. Select Submit again on the Copy or Move page. The copied or moved file or folder appears in the folder selected.