Create Groups in Blackboard

You can organise students into groups so they can interact with each other and share Blackboard tools (e.g. Bb discussions, Bb Collaborate Ultra rooms, or wikis or email, etc.).  After you create each group, they can have their own homepage with links to tools to decide they need. Only you and group members can access the group tools.

Where to access  Groups

  • In the Control Panel, on your course, expand the Users and Groups section and select Groups.
  • On the Groups page, you can view and edit your existing groups, and create new groups and group sets.

Group enrollment methods

You can enroll students in groups in three ways. Students can't unenroll themselves from groups.

  • Manual Enroll allows you to  assign each student in your course to a group. Manual enrollment is  available for both single groups and group sets. You can also import a csv file to create the enrolments.
  • Random Enroll is available for group  sets only. Random enrollment automatically distributes students into  groups based on your settings for maximum members per group or total  number of groups. Random distribution applies only to students who are  currently enrolled in your course. You can enroll additional students  manually.
  • Self-Enroll allows students to add  themselves to a group with a sign-up sheet. Self-enrollment is an option  available for both single groups and group sets.