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How to Access (and Grade) Your Student Turnitin Assignments

This article explains how an instructor can access a Turnitin student assignment for grading on Blackboard.

1.   To access the submitted papers and the similarity reports, the instructor clicks on the same Turnitin Assignment link created at Stage 1.


2.   You will see a list of all your students and their submissions. From here you can access the paper submitted (under Paper Title), access Feedback Studio (under Grade) or access the Similarity Report (under Similarity).

3.   Once the Feedback Release Date is reached, the symbol under Viewed will indicate if the student has accessed their feedback or not.

4.   Additional Options include: Uploading a paper on behalf of your student (if they have given their permission); Downloading a paper; or Deleting a paper.

Note that Deleting a paper here will simply allow a student to resubmit – it does not remove the paper from the Turnitin Repository.

5.   You can also download papers and similarity reports in bulk, by selecting the papers to be downloaded using the tick boxes on the left, and then choosing Download All or Download Selected at the top right.

Grading your assignment (Turnitin Feedback Studio Walkthrough)

New to using Turnitin Feedback Studio? From Originality Checks to Voice Comments,  Turnitin Feedback Studio has the right tools to support learning and  writing the classroom. This video describes a variety of features in  Feedback Studio and how they can be used.

How does your student access the similarity report and/or feedback?

Your student can view the similarity report (where permitted) or to view feedback (after the Feedback Release Date) by accessing the same Turnitin Assignment link as described above or by viewing the My Grade link.

For more details on the use of Turnitin and Feedback Studio, for staff and students, visit Turnitin documentation available at: