Turnitin - Create an Assignment

Stage 1: The instructor creates the Turnitin assignment

1. Go to the content area where you would like the assignment link to appear, e.g. "Assessment".

2. Ensure Edit Mode is on.

3. Under ‘Build Content’ select Turnitin Assignment.

The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to accept a user agreement.

4.   You will now be brought to a new page where you can add the details and settings for your new Turnitin assignment.

During this step, a cookie will be set on your web browser to allow Turnitin  to authorise your access during use of the site. Please ensure that the  web browser you are using will allow the cookie to be set by their  site, http://turnitin.com

If you see a 404 error at this stage, this is caused by your browser blocking the cookie. Change this browser setting, or try a different browser to resolve. More info


5.   Enter the name of the assignment and a description.

Tip: Make these meaningful for your students, so that they know exactly where to submit the right assignment.


6.   You can add instructions as necessary. 

7.   Specify the Points Possible, or 0 (zero) if the work is not being graded, and a due date.

Tip: For easiest calculation, make the Points Possible whatever you normally mark out of – usually 100. It can be scaled later to include in overall module calculations.

8.   For course management, you can select when the assignment link will be visible to students. This does NOT reflect the due date. Remember that students will have to use the link, even after the due date has passed, to access feedback.

9.  You can also choose to specify additional settings by expanding the Optional Settings section prior to completing creation of your assignment.

10.  You can specify a variety of settings, including but not limited to allowing late submission, enabling anonymous marking, and excluding bibliographic materials from the similarity report.

11. Click Submit, at the bottom right of the page, to complete the setup. The Turnitin Assignment link now appears in your course.

Adding a Rubric

Please note, if you want to attach a rubric to your Turnitin assignment, the option to do so is not provided in the settings when first adding a Turnitin assignment.

To add a rubric, click on the Turnitin assignment you have just added.

In the top corner of the Assignment inbox, choose Settings.

Click on Optional Settings, to display the Attach a Rubric option.

Turnitin Settings


You are advised to consider the particular settings of your Turnitin Assignment to ensure it best matches the needs of your students and your assessment strategy.


Detail relating to the some of the additional setting options is available here:

Submission Settings

Option Actions
Submit papers to (drop down menu)
By default, papers are submitted to the Turnitin repository for future matching.
This is recommended for most assignments and particularly where collusion may be an issue. You can change this, by clicking on the text box, to “Do not store the submitted papers”. This option is recommended for research student papers.
Allow submissions of any file type If you tick this box, students can submit files of any type, including those that cannot be checked for similarity. If originality is important for this assessment, DO NOT TICK THE BOX.
Allow late submissions If you tick this box, students will still be able to submit after the due date, but you will know which submissions were late. Recommended if you teach large groups of students.
Attach a rubric Allows you to attach a rubric (used for marking and feedback) you created previously, or to create a new rubric.
Compare against It is recommended that you ensure all three boxes are ticked – which maximizes the potential sources checked for unoriginal work.

Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit)
The first option means that similarity reports are generated and made available to you as soon as a paper is submitted. Students cannot resubmit. Click on the text box to change the option.
Generate reports immediately (students can
resubmit until due date)
The second option means that similarity reports are generated and made available to you as soon as a paper is submitted. Students can resubmit a paper, before the due date, and the similarity report is re- generated. However, if a student resubmits twice, then similarity reports will take 24 hours to re-generate.
Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date) The third option means that students can submit and resubmit as often as they like, but no similarity reports are available until the due date has passed.
Allow students to view similarity reports
If you tick this box, students will be able to view their own similarity report, whenever it is generated, by clicking on the assignment submission link again.
Tip: This can be a very powerful tool for
students to evaluate their own writing, but students should understand how to interpret similarity reports. For advice on whether to use this option or not contact turnitin@nuigalway.ie

New to Optional Settings is the "Enable anonymous marking" setting. By selecting this option, your students' names will not be visible to instructors during marking.