Instructor Checklist for running a poll in class

Setup checklist for running a poll in class

Student Response Systems or "Clickers" are used to engage students in presentations by allowing them to respond to questions and interact with the content through the use of an app on their mobile device or a web browser on their laptop. This information is a checklist for running a poll in class.

1. Log into the software
  • In the lecture theatre or classroom, log into the lectern PC, or your laptop.
  • Open the TurningPoint app. This software will be installed on lectern PCs, and visible in the NAL window. If you are using your own laptop, you will need to download it from  
TurningPoint App

You will need to be connected to the internet (e.g. via Eduroam).

  • Log in with your TurningPoint account
2. Start your session

When you use TurningPoint for classroom polling, you will need to generate a Session ID. This is used by students to connect and participate in the poll.

Mobile Responses

To enable Mobile Responses and create a session ID, complete the following steps:

  • Within the TurningPoint Dashboard, click Enable below the Mobile Responses link in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The ResponseWare window will open.
  • Select a Session ID A session ID is a join code that students use.
  • If you choose Random, a random session ID will be chosen for you
  • If you would like to create a specific session ID, click Reserve and enter your preferred session ID.
  • Click Start Session.
  • The Sessions status window will open. The session ID and connection information are displayed.
  • Click Close.
Reserve a session (optional)

You may wish to reserve a Session ID, so students always enter the same ID when joining a class' TurningPoint session. For example, you can create and reserve a Session ID named "BO101" for your course.

  1. Open TurningPoint Cloud and login to you Turning Account.
  2. Click to Mobile Responses.
  3. Click Reserve.
  4. Enter the desired session ID.
  5. Click Reserve.
  6. You can now use this session ID in future classes.

Please note that the session status window does not need to be open for a session to be enabled. The session will remain enabled until TurningPoint is closed. The next time the application is opened these steps will need to be repeated to enable Mobile Responses.

Require participant accounts

Be sure to select this Session option to require participants to have licensed accounts to be able to respond.

Select the Session Options checkbox.

Session Options

You will need to place a check in the box next to Require participant accounts (and the other login info to “Don’t show”). This will enable students with licensed accounts to respond in class.

Require Participant Accounts

Note: Ensure your session preferences are as you wish them (i.e. are they set to display the participant questions as text only or do you need them to also see images, if you are using image questions within you slides).

Optional Settings

It is also possible to also adjust your software preferences on the TurningPoint Deskop software to:

  • Select to "Automatically Save Sessions"
  • Change the "Default Save Location" to a network shared location if you are sharing the data across with another colleague teaching on the same module. 

Student accesses Session ID via their phone or web browser

Each student should now start their TurningPoint app on their phone and enter this session number.

They can also access it on a browser by typing in

3. Option a: Using Powerpoint

If you are using Powerpoint, use the TurningPoint Dashboard to launch Powerpoint Polling. Click on PowerPoint Polling.

When Powerpoint opens, browse to open the Powerpoint presentation that contains the polling slides that you have already created.

  1. From the Dashboard, double check the Mobile Responses, and make sure it the session is running. Share the session ID with students to enter into their Response app.
  2. Select a participant list and a PowerPoint presentation (optional  if you wish to track responses)

3. Reset your presentation to ensure that all charts and settings are reflected on the slides during the presentation.
4. Start the slideshow by clicking on the last icon in the TurningPoint toolbar, on a mac, or just going View Slideshow as you usually would, on a PC. Depending on the Polling Options that were selected during content creation, the slide may need to be advanced to open polling.

Continue until the slideshow is finished.

On a Mac: When you get to a question that has a poll, you will need to select the start button on the Powerpoint polling showbar:

Start - Select the Start icon to open polling.

Stop - Select the Stop icon to close polling.

On a PC, the poll will automatically commence on advancing a slide and end on click, unless you change this configuration.

Save the responses

When the slideshow is finished, the session data needs to be saved in order to generate reports and manage results. Click Save and select Save Session. Session files should be saved in the default location, on the U:/drive (in lecture theatre PCs, the standard ‘working directory’ is set to the U:\ drive and the default save location (set by MS Group Policy) is U:\My Documents.) or on the C:\drive on your own laptop.

View Reports

TurningPoint Cloud opens to the Manage tab to view reports.

You can optionally Export session data to a location you will have access to after the lecture, if you are not using your own laptop. To do this, go to the Manage tab, and click on your session in the list, and go to Results Manager >Reports>Export.

4. Option b: Using Anywhere Polling

You can also verbally poll on top of webpages, videos, documents or any application using a floating, interactive toolbar that controls key functions. To open this, open Anywhere Polling from the TuringPoint Dashboard.

Here you can launch a verbal question, or create questions (find out more here:

When complete you will need to click on Save and select Save Session to retain the student response data, as with PowerPoint.

5. Option c: Using Turning on the Web (no need for a software download)

It is also possible to use TurningPoint through a web browser only (and not use the TurningPoint desktop software dashboard). There is a short web tutorial below. See for full instructions.