Uses & Benefits of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


Blackboard Collaborate can be used for:

  • Blended Learning delivery, providing a virtual classroom from anywhere both on and off campus
  • Collaborative projects in research or administration providing virtual offices/meeting spaces both on and off the campus

Use Cases @ NUI Galway

At NUI Galway we have worked with teaching staff to identify four common use cases that Blackboard Collaborate is being used for:

Teaching and Learning online / Webinars allow flexible approaches to on and off-campus live online learning. This offers a useful solution for students who may be working and studying at the same time; for programmes with work placement components; and for those taking an Erasmus break overseas. 

Blackboard Collaborate can be used to enable external experts to contribute to teaching and learning programmes as Guest Lecturers. In this way they can deliver live webinars, participate in rea-time question and answer sessions; and permit those sessions to be recorded. A great way to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Learning Support Tutorials can be managed online through scheduled timeslots allowing flexibility for instructors and students. Indeed, students can use Blackboard Collaborate to provide live online peer support to each other and for group work - all at the convenience of your keyboard.

Drop-In Student Time (Office Hours) allows instructors to operate a casual drop in session online. This can be schedules for particular periods for students to soundboard ideas, difficulties and to provide updates to their reserach work.

Online Workshops can be facilitated through Blackboard Collaborate through direct instruction, break-out group rooms, flipped classroom and open discussions by using the the shared tools and live audio/video facilities afforded by this learning platform.