What is Qwickly Attendance?

A new version of Qwickly Attendance will be made available shortly in all 2020/21 modules. Please do not set up your attendance for the upcoming academic year until you have received notification that this his taken place. 

If you wish to retain any records from the old tool locally, you can easily go to the Qwickly Attendance record in any module and choose ‘Export’ to download the full record. After the upgrade, your attendance data will no longer be available to you in your old courses. 

The Qwickly Attendance course tool in Blackboard will allow instructors, course builders, and teaching assistants to take attendance in their modules. Staff can take attendance manually, and there is an option for students to check in on their own devices using a browser.  The tool is integrated with the Blackboard Grade Centre where the instructor can monitor attendance.  Students can also monitor their own attendance within each module.  Qwickly Attendance can notify students via email when they have been marked absent.