What is Turning?

TurningPoint from Turning allows instructors to ask participants interactive questions, more commonly known as “clicker questions”, in live sessions. These questions serve a wide variety of functions ranging from tracking attendance and increasing engagement to delivering quizzes, surveys and exams. It allows you to collect responses, feedback and choices from students answering on their mobile devices or a web browser.

Why use it?

Asking questions can promote increased interaction and student engagement, while also allowing you to check understanding of concepts during a class. 

How do I ask a clicker question?

There are several ways you can use Turning questions, depending on how you teach.

Using Powerpoint Polling

An instructor may create Turning questions within Powerpoint and have then the questions display as part of a Powerpoint slideshow presentation during a lecture or class. Find out more here.

Using Anywhere Polling

An instructor might use anywhere polling to quickly verbally poll a question in a live session, or create pre-authored questions, within the Anywhere polling

Using TurningWeb

Turning also have a product called 'TurningWeb' (or more recently known as 'Turning Pro'), in addition to the desktop option above. With this, you can set up and run a polling  activity via the TurningPoint website. This can be advantageous if you  want to poll in a context outside of a lecture/presentation. For this method you sign into your TurningPoint account from any  computer with internet access. Once in your account you can connect to  your Blackboard course or create a manual TurningPoint course. From within your course section you can create a course list and  begin to add questions. From this same panel you can play/run the  session. Students can then respond using their mobile device or laptop  computer, by entering a session code you provide.

How can students respond?

Students can respond using the Turning app on a phone, tablet, or accessing the weblink http://ttpoll.eu  on any web browser.

Students respond by entering their answer on their individual device. These answers are gathered and compiled into a  chart. This chart can be instantly displayed on screen, along with the  correct answer choice. This provides both student and instructor with valuable real time feedback.

Additional Resources

Turning also run regular webinars. See https://www.turning.com/webinar to sign up to participate.

Next steps

Read on to find out how you can get setup with using Turning at NUI Galway