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Creating & Using TurningClassic Questions in Powerpoint

Getting the software for TurningPoint Classic PowerPoint Polling

To create clicker within PowerPoint, you must download the TurningPoint Classic software. With this software, the content and results of your Turning clicker questions are self-contained to your computer. You can then use it to poll in PowerPoint, over top of any application or deliver self-paced assessments.

To download TurningPoint Classic, please click:

Before Class

How to add Turning questions to your PowerPoint in advance

Inserting a Polling slide to PowerPoint

  • Click New on the TurningPoint ribbon.
  • Select a slide type. There are several slide types available, including multiple choice, short answer, etc.
Teaching and Learning
  • Enter question text in field provided and answer options where appropriate on the slide. You can also change the settings to show scores, or change any settings on each slide.
  • Click outside of the text box.
Teaching and Learning
  • Repeat as many times as needed to create your presentation.
  • When finished, save the presentation by selecting File > Save/Save As.

What types of questions can I create?

Multiple choice questions

The Question Options pane enables you to customize scores, charts,  and results per question. You can open or close the pane by selecting  Question Options in the TurningPoint ribbon.

During Class

How does Turning Desktop PowerPoint polling work during a live class?

Step 1: Open up the TuringPoint Application software

Step 2. Select your course (optional), if you wish to track student responses based on your course's class roster

Step 3. Start the Session (and use a reserved session if you are using this regularly, so your students will know the session ID to connect to more easily).

Step 4: Launch the Powerpoint Polling option, and select your powerpoint file.

Teaching and Learning

Students will join with their Turning Point app or via  and you will need to communicate to them the session ID to connect to your live session.

Teaching and Learning

When a question in your slide appears, this will display for them on their mobile device or browser window for them to respond.

After Class

What can I learn from the Turning Classic PowerPoint polling data that was collected during the live class?

Teaching and Learning

At the end of class, you can Save the session or Save Session and upload results if you wish for the responses to be uploaded to Blackboard.

Anywhere Polling - Polling over any application

The Quick Poll feature in Anywhere Polling allows you to ask verbal questions with the option of polling on top of an application, such as a PDF, Word document or web page.