Getting a licensed Turning Account

Getting a licensed account

All NUI Galway users of the Turning polling tools must first register for a licensed account. This needs to be initiated by instructors and by students themselves, but once the accounts are set up, you can have full access to the Turning tools.  

Create/Register an Instructor Turning Account

You can register for your account using the link you have created in your Blackboard module. You will be asked to provide basic information including your name, organisation, role, and email address.

You must register using your NUI Galway email address.

If you have previously activated your account, you will be redirected to the Turning Technologies' European server:

As an instructor, you will only need to authenticate the connection between your Turning Account and Blackboard once.

Connecting to your Blackboard course

After logging into your Turning account (via the link shown above), click on the "Blackboard Authentication" button to display all of the Blackboard modules on which you are a registered instructor, thereby authenticating the connection.

Click the "Add" button to move the module to the Active Course tab

Clicking "Select" brings you to a page for a course, where you can create and schedule online polls, or view rosters, and attendance. 

Please remember that your students will need to activate their individual accounts before they can participate in polling or before you can view their attendance or participation levels. To register, they just need to use the link you have added to the menu of your Blackboard module.

Add the Turning Account Registration tool to your Blackboard Module for your students

The easiest way for your students to register for their individual account is to add it as an item to the menu of your Blackboard module.

Note: alternatively, you can include it in any of the main content areas in your module.

Select "Turning Account Registration" from the drop-down menu, add a name of your choosing.

Click "Available to Users" if you are happy for students to access it immediately.

Finally, press "Submit"