Adding Video or Audio to Blackboard - (using My Media)

My Media is your personal area for  uploading media content.  By default this content is private but you can  link to content in your My Media area from your course, and you can  chose to publish your content to a specific course. Any content that you upload to Kaltura is automatically saved in your personal My Media area. Learn how you can access it on Blackboard below.

The My Media tool is accessed from your My NUI Galway tab on Blackboard

Welcome, Fiona – Blackboard Learn

My Media Screen

The My Media area is where any files that you personally add to Kaltura  are stored.  It is also where you manage/edit, publish, share or delete  your media files.

  1. Add New content to your library - you can upload any audio or video file to your private My Media. You can upload a media from your computer, or upload a video created with Kaltura Personal Capture.
  2. Search through any media you have already uploaded
  3. List of your uploaded videos – click the video thumbnail or title to view the video
  4. Edit video – lets you
    • edit the title and description of the video
    • change options
    • edit the video itself – trim and cut sections, reuse etc
    • Add Captions
  5. Delete video

Learn how to use Kaltura's personal capture to record a video, or use another video or audio creation tool to create a media file that you can upload to share with your students

Find out how to publish a recording from your private My Media storage into a Blackboard course or submit as an assignment.